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What “The Grand Budapest Hotel” Has That Other Oscar Contenders Don’t

Photo credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Photo credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a witty film by director Wes Anderson that scored a total of 9 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Anderson.

Its captivating narrative and exciting artistic unfolding have charmed audiences and critics worldwide, grossing over $174.6 million since its release in March 2014.

This is more than double Anderson’s previous film, “The Royal Tenenbaums”, which earned a total of $71.4 million.

The one thing that proves to have been on the “Grand Budapest’s” side is actually time.

Despite the fact that the film was released more than 9 months ago, it made such a huge impression on the moviegoers that the Oscar voters subsequently propelled it to a staggering 9 nominations.

The producers from Fox Searchlight, a small indie company behind the film, believe that “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is not the type of movie audiences see and forget all about.

“It was a strong and resonant film that stood the test of time,” said Nancy Utley, president of Fox Searchlight. “It’s not a movie you watch and forget about. It’s a movie that stays with you.”

Most producers seeking Oscar nominations want their films released in the second half of the year to remain fresh in everyone’s memory come awards season.

Steve Gilula of Fox Searchlight said, “the company was primarily concerned with finding an audience, not attracting awards attention.” They chose to release the film in March when there weren’t that many whimsical comedies fighting for attention. Apparently, their strategy paid off and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is on its way to becoming Fox Searchlight’s and Wes Anderson’s biggest success to date.