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Why Tom Hardy’s New TV Series ‘Taboo’ Will Be A HUGE Hit

Photo credit: Sonar Entertainment

Photo credit: Sonar Entertainment

Cable networks are going crazy these days. Awesome TV shows are cropping up all over the place, the competition is insane, and we like it a lot.

FX is now going all in with their new endeavor “Taboo”, a rather odd, pretty dark and generally unpleasant show that will help BBC enter the big league once again and they might just do it, sooner rather than later.

Taboo is set in 1814 London, and the plot focuses on Tom Hardy’s character James Delaney, an anti-hero and a dark man who returns to the UK after a period in Africa to inherit what is left of his father’s shipping empire and to start building it again.

The show is yet to unravel, but we are already certain this new FX series is about to become one of the most talked about BBC projects over the last couple of years.

Living Up To Its Name

Taboo is definitely a risky pitch for a primetime Saturday night slot. The show doesn’t refrain from using over-the-top violence, bad language and racial slurs, but that’s exactly why we like it.

We get a considerable and often unpleasant dose of Tom Hardy, who provides us with perhaps “the most Tom Hardy performance” so far, and that’s what makes Taboo so dismal, violent, and weird.

“It’s January. You’re coming out of the darkness of the Christmas period, it’s freezing and no-one has any money,” Hardy said about the series. “Hopefully Taboo should deliver on a lot of levels. It’s got heart, a lot of attention to detail. It opens like a jewelry box and it’s got that Gothic horror feel to it. I hope you enjoy it.”

Dark, Rugged, Grim, Violent

The show was definitely made for Tom Hardy as he perfectly depicts the character of James Keziah Delaney. The violent world that Chips Hardy, Steven Knight and Tom Hardy himself created, is a playground for him.

Never before has Hardy delivered such a theatrical, utterly odd and vengeance-filled role. When we watch him as Delaney, we simply can’t look away.

“I’ve witnessed and participated in darkness that you cannot conceive,” Delaney says at one point during the trailer and this sentences perfectly sums up what Taboo is all about.

For all of you who crave a good old violent, dismal and downright dark vengeance story set in a 19th century London setting – Taboo is certainly a must.