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Five Movies That Top The Labor Day Weekend At US Box Office

Even though the American box office is down by 15% according to statistics, and many studios marked this summer as disappointing in their calendars, there are still some movies that are so awesome that they simply won’t abide to this negative trend. “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, “Dawn Of The Planet Of The...

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    You know those movies that you run into when flipping the channels and no matter how many times you’ve seen them so far, you will yet again sit back and enjoy watching them all the way to the final credits, even though you probably know each and every scene by heart? Well, one of those […]

  • 12 Clever Ways TV Characters Were Brought Back From the Dead

    There’s no better way to shake up a television series plot by having a favorite character killed off — and then, when viewers least expect it, allowing for the resurrection of the supposedly dead character. These comebacks are not always worthy of TV, but in a few cases, they are truly wondrous to behold....